Backstage News on Sandow’s Cash In, AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan Videos

– spoke with Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee at Ringside Fest 2013 in New York City last week:

– Damien Sandow received praise backstage at RAW on Monday for his match with World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Vince McMahon made the decision to have Sandow cash in on RAW to help the ratings with major competition from the MLB and the NFL.

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  • Thetruth

    i f he wanted to boost ratings he should have had Sandow f***ing WIN!

    • MacW

      Vince’s quixotic obsession with beating actual sporting events has been a losing cause for so long and he doesn’t really have that much to show for it.

      • alexx52

        It was a good match, but Sandow is now finished.

        • Dennis Justice

          This is truth. Great potential for him to evolve his character and now it’s down the drain.

  • Ralph Ramos

    Vincie doesn’t care that he c***blocked Sandow out of his moment of glory. All he cares about is keeping the WWE status quo intact. What a b****!!!