Backstage News on the Fast Count at WWE NOC, Arena Tweets Bryan, Paige


– While tweeting during WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view, NXT Women’s Champion Paige made a comment leading to fans speculating that she might be showing up to help AJ Lee soon. Paige tweeted:

“Also looks like @WWEAJLee is gonna need some back up… #NOC #WWE #AntiDiva”

– The Quicken Loans Arena, site of tonight’s WWE RAW, is so excited about Daniel Bryan coming that they grew a beard. They tweeted this photo to Bryan:

O Arena beard

– reports that the announcers at WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view were told to not mention the fast count in Daniel Bryan’s win over Randy Orton in hopes that more people would tune into tonight’s RAW to find out what happens next. The fast count will be addressed on tonight’s show.

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  1. I can see it now,…… They stripe Bryan of the belt, Cena wins the Rumble (total shocker right), Cena beats Orton at Mania. Also Bryan faces HHH at Mania and wins to end the lame story love saga.

    • But the problem is any match at mania with hhh is that whoever he face’s he wins as bryan would be presenting Vince and hhh is supposed to win the battle for control of wwe. But in the 2nd interview with Micheal cole where hhh said if this was legit business he would need to displain Big Show but i was thinking if this was a legit business hhh wouldn’t be in the job as he would be in jail or facing prison for assulting Daniel Bryan

  2. Its gonna be the Jericho/HHH result all over again with Randy playing the role of HHH , Danielson( I refuse to address him as Bryan ) as Jericho, and Armstrong as Earl ‘treat me with some ‘spect’ Hebner…referring to the April ’00 Raw match for those that don’t know

    • You must be such a rebel not referring to him as Daniel Bryan. I bet you refer to the guys in the shield as black, moxley, and leakee too.

      • The poor attempt at sarcasm was not warranted …I’ve just known him as Bryan Danielson and choose to keep calling him such, its not like he’s never used it. Only when WWE got him did it change, anywhere else he’s Danielson , thats all…

          • Actually I called him both. For almost 5 years I didn’t call him the UT and still don’t sometimes. I still refer to him as MEAN Mark Callous So I think was always wondering why one day he was on one promotion and the next he was in the WWE under a new name. I showed my friends videos because I tape his matches because he one of my fav wrestlers.

          • but thats what certain fans remember him as, it’s nothing against what he’s known as , its just what ppl are used to…I certainly don’t call Kane Glen Jacobs or even better, Issac Yankem…And sadly ‘Mean’ Mark was what he was in WCW is that any better than Texas Red??

          • Not if you were a huge fan like I was as a kid and then seeing him turn from Mean Mark to the Undertaker. I do think it was the better move but eh.

          • No , but to your point, what if you chose to, would that make you wrong for doing it? No. It’s merely a name that ppl may/may not choose to use. Thats the same as Dusty being known as Dusty Rhodes and going to WWE and then being called Virgil Runnels..naw son He’s Dusty

          • Call him Danielson all you want but saying you refuse to call him Bryan, is making an issue of it. It’s like saying Hal ( I refuse to call him Walter), just because you knew them as that first.

          • see your missing the key factor…The guy’s REAL name is Bryan Cranston , not really sure why you used that as an example.. and if you did choose to refer to him as Hal? So what .none of my business. It’s your choice .My point is that WWE wants ppl to get used to saying his name backwards when for majority of his career he was ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson..Don’t see why ppl are in an uproar over something I refuse to do. I’m still wondering how this effect’s y’all…again, why can’t you just agree to disagree

      • Dude what in the world are you correcting him when that’s his name so what if they reverse it. I suppose your so cool that all you have to say because you don’t have crap to say because you know the truth hurt. So what if he refuses to refer to him as Bryan. I bet you Dopes didn’t know most of his career he Danielson so if Mr. Baker uses that name so be it douche. Plus if you don’t know who he is talking about and that he is talking about the Jericho/HHH story line and that is going to be Danielson/Orton HEY STUPID . You just nit pick one thing hfoshdfokj or whatever your name is read the whole article and if you remember match or wait you might be 12 sorry. For calling you and your stupid monkeys oops there I go again. I Don’t want to be a bully to hfokashdfos and the monkeys sorry for calling your Stupid and Douche. HAHAHA.

        • I don’t actually care. I was just pointing out how he went outta the way to say he “refuses” to call him Bryan, as if any one gave a damn in the first place.

          • Then just say YOU took offense to me refusing to call him the WWE name , which is silly for you to be mad @ really..BTW if ‘nobody gave a damn’ why comment anyway?? Guess what buddy I didn’t go out of my way because it was a known fact that he’s Bryan Danielson…No different than you refusing to do something or say something..Don’t take it so personally

          • it appears my “poor attempt at sarcasm” wasn’t infact poor at all. Got you riled all up. Sad too, cause you’re cooler than I am. I mean, you only call former ROH stars by their ROH name. i wish I could do that. I mean, I just figured out that professional wrestling is indeed scripted. anyways, gotta go to bed now, the 2nd grade is tough, and I need my sleep.

          • Riled up? I’m always shocked how ppl can know one’s feelings over the internet….anyways, just agree to disagree, I have. Thats the beauty of a forum and debate.

    • that one of the rarest clips to find ever since they “erased it from the record books”, but i did made for one hell of a match.

  3. Daniel Bryan should be do classic promo it’s not my Fault the referee didnt do what you wanted him 2 do and he did what the referee’s do count it was a little quick but not really quick that Orton couldnt kick out at 2 for me i think. Bryan could also use if you didnt want me 2 win why didnt you make yourself the referee so you could do the job you wanted

  4. Back to the subject, I agree with Mr. Baker. This will be a short-lived title reign for Daniel. HHH will pull the title from him based on the fast count and the “incapacitated” referee who was “injured” coming back into the match. I’m sure we all see it coming. MY question is what are the plans for “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes tonight?

  5. Educated guess as to where this Big Show thing is going?? is he gonna blow up on them one day ? IF they still go with the WM/McMahon storyline will Show ( who I guess will be ‘fired’ before then ) be McMahon’s pick? All opinions welcomed because that’s part of the fun


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