Backstage News on the Finish for Rock vs. Punk and More


– The Rock and CM Punk practiced their Royal Rumble match on Sunday before the pay-per-view. The finish was kept top secret from other talents to the point that they hung a curtain around the ring so nobody could see what they were doing.

Regarding the finish of the match, Punk was pinned after The People’s Elbow because their feud had been built on Punk saying that the people don’t matter and Rock saying they do.

With Rock as WWE Champion, the idea is he will be doing a ton of media to promote several movies over the next two months and can talk about WWE, WrestleMania and being the champion.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. From a marketing standpoint it makes total sense. WWE can now market Hollywood that Dwayne Johnson is the champ, they can’t with Punk. While Punk is huge over with wrestling fans, The Rock wins over the casual, mass fan who watches Wrestlemania and maybe one other PPV per year in hopes that they will tune in more often. It’s why Alberto Del Rio is being pushed as a face because Rey Mysterio has lost his luster and no one cares for Sin Cara. The Latin market has been hurting for years with the WWE and they wanted a push for that fan base. I don’t agree Del Rio was the right choice for this, but they didn’t have a lot of options to begin with at this time. It’s simple economics and opens a much larger target audience to them by having The Rock as champ.


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