Backstage News on the “Occupy RAW” Segment, Andre Match Note


– It’s said that the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal for WrestleMania XXX may end up on the pre-show, which seems like a waste for a match that was announced by Hulk Hogan and features several top WWE Superstars.

– The “Occupy RAW” angle with Daniel Bryan last week was done to troll the fans who claimed they were hijacking RAW in Chicago the week before. Some of Stephanie McMahon’s lines in the segment about disrespecting her family and how she owns Bryan were said to be more or less how she feels about CM Punk right now.

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  1. LOL Yeah, she owns Punk, and talking about feeling disrespected? WOW talk about the pot calling the kettle black. How many wrestlers did they f*** over, put them in racist gimmicks, bury them over the most petty of things.


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