Backstage News on The Wyatt Family Debut, Undertaker Injured, More


– Even before last night’s RAW hit the air, The Wyatt Family were trending worldwide on Twitter.

– WWE officials were happy with the way Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper debuted on last night’s RAW, even though they were debuted in a segment that normally gets bad ratings. No word yet on WWE’s response to the crowd reaction but it’s worth noting that they did not edit out the Husky Harris chants when re-posting the debut on YouTube and

– There was immediate speculation that The Wyatts were gearing up for a SummerSlam match against Kane and The Undertaker after they took out Kane on RAW last night. reports that The Undertaker may not be ready for SummerSlam as he’s hurt again. Apparently Taker injured himself in his most recent WWE TV angle with The Shield a few months ago.

For what it’s worth, WWE’s goal with The Wyatt Family is said to be turning them babyface but that likely won’t happen for a while.

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  1. More than likely it was to write Kane out of storylines for awhile while Daniel Bryan plays the tweener role.

    • Daniel Bryan is less and less of a tweeter as time goes on here… let’s get real: they ruined Kane since the Team Hell No garbage… so they needed him out of the storylines for now, BUT, for anyone to think of Bryan as a tweener right now is asinine.

      • He’s a tweener. He acts like a heel during the match and then shakes hands and hugs his opponents afterwards. Any wrestler who acts heel-ish and gets cheers is not heel or face. The heel turn hasn’t happened yet, but with Kane potentially out of action…

    • Well moron, they’re not planning to do it soon, as it appeared in the debut, right? They need to build on the Wyatts in an impactful way, making them an important force, and the best way to do that is to expand and present who the Wyatt characters are by each passing week in a heel capacity.

  2. If anything, I think storyline should go that the Wyatt Family runs roughshod over the WWE, and either Vince or Triple H hires The Shield to take them out…

  3. wtf? face i doubt that its just a stupid rumor , turning them face would make no sense even if there chanting for wyatt every week.

    • Are you retarded? That’s EXACTLY why they would turn the Wyatt’s face, because “anything can happen in the WWE.” I’s not supposed to make sense, for crying out loud!

  4. How about the shield vs the Wyatt’s, with all titles on the line at summerslam, too soon? Well maybe survivors series…would suck to alt the way they are slowly making the shield fight in singles matches…those three guys can wrestle…genius!


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