Backstage News on Thursday’s Talent Meeting with Dixie Carter


As noted earlier, Dixie Carter addressed the TNA talents prior to Thursday’s Impact tapings about possibly continuing with their budget cuts. Also in attendance were Jeff Jarrett, TNA CFO Dean Broadhead and EVP Andy Barton.

Dixie noted that one of the reasons for the cuts and restructuring were how much money they spent taping all the One Night Only pay-per-view events earlier this year. These shows were pre-recorded in place of the eight pay-per-view events that TNA cut from their annual schedule, in order to save money.

New Executive Vice President of Television Production John Gaburick received strong praise within the locker room. Talents acknowledged the more positive vibe with Gaburick compared to when recently released executive Bruce Prichard was in that role.

Velvet Sky Looking Way Hot Wrapped Up… WOW

Source: ProWrestling.Net

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  1. We are letting you go because we spent alot of money earlier this year filming 8 ppv’s at once to save money by cancelling live ppvs. So, we filmed ppvs with people who don’t matter in our current storyline which typically drives people to a ppv purchase, BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah but you start the main event mafia. Keep Hogan and Sting and your going with some stupid gimmick that Abyss and Joseph Park are two different people, who is Manik who cares like we don’t know. Aces and 8s like they are tough now they are bulls with that been fixed. Bischoff and Brisco Both are ferry Yes I said it, Knux does he even wrestle? Then you got the Dudleys that the only Tag team and you shouldn’t change your name from The Dudleys to Aces and 8s because that means you suck. No I didn’t forget Mr Anderson because he just sucked WWE/Tna I hail from Green bay and I couldn’t cut it. Then you got the retarded verison 2.0 MeM the org Sting Kurt and Samoa adds Magnus and Rampage That just sad you have to rejoin a group to fight the Aces and 8s Oh and here is the rat in the MEM its Rampage he gonna get Kurt than Samoa. and while Magnus wins the BFG he will lose to bubby. That’s knowing Tna. OH Jeff Hardy SUCKS anyone thinks he is somewhat good is retarded. And they don’t have enough bad guys Aries is about the only good bad guy but they love him Rhoode sux get over it.


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