Backstage News on TNA’s Investor Storyline, Contracts Expiring, More


– Below is the opening video for tonight’s Genesis episode of Impact Wrestling:

– TNA’s babyface investor vs. Dixie Carter storyline is scheduled to carry the storylines through October and Bound For Glory.

– Kazarian and Daniels’ TNA contracts expire in April and it’s said that Daniels has one of the better remaining contracts still on the books. There is strong speculation that Daniels will be the next one to get the cost-cutting treatment. Most everyone left who still has a good contract expects things to change as soon as their deals are up.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. So, another faction war? Team Dixie vs. Team Mystery Investor? If it’s good, then fine. But haven’t we seen enough faction wars and company takeover storylines in TNA to last a lifetime?


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