Backstage News on Vince McMahon’s Return, Creative News

– While Vince McMahon was reported to be returning several times over the past few months, word now is that his return was always planned for January 2014 and they didn’t want to bring him back early but figured they would have to in order to help bump ratings during football season when things really started to dip. With John Cena back, Vince may be kept off TV for the rest of this year.

– Regarding WWE ending RAW with heels on the giving end of a beatdown, WWE’s creative team is booking it with the idea that if it happens at the end of a show, it makes sense for no babyface to come out to make the save because they’ve already left the building.

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  • TamosC

    Why, because babyfaces have to leave early..they all carpool in babyface cars? If a heel turns babyface they all go out for a celebratory beer? WWE creatives are’s wrestling dammit, no wonder their story lines don’t make sense!

  • Ernie Marin

    wowwww they really think we are that stupid, so we are supposed to think faces, ALL the faces just leave the building before the show even ends, when we all know everyone pretty much can’t leave their locker room, much less the entire arena until the show is actually over, man WWE is just high on crack and power at this point, actually insulting the intelligence of their fans with this stupid idea, but then again that’s what we get when we allow them to target the 8 to 12 demo that still thinks John Cena is the best wrestler ever..

    • Mr. Baker

      Yes Ern, they do.