Backstage News on Why Bobby Lashley Turned Heel & How Involved Vince McMahon Has Been


As seen on this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Bobby Lashley and his new manager Lio Rush made a full heel turn – almost a double turn of sorts – by brutally assaulting Kevin Owens during, and after their match together. This was done as a means of writing Owens off television, as he is expected to be out of action for the remainder of 2018.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the call to finally turn Lashley heel didn’t actually come until Monday before Raw. There was reportedly a behind-the-scenes discussion about what would ultimately be better for him in the long run, and because of Owens being injured the decision was made to sure up the heel side for the Raw brand going forward.

Furthermore, Dave Meltzer’s report indicates that Vince McMahon himself was in the ear of Lio Rush for his promo on Raw this week, as the 205 Live superstar was wearing an earpiece that fed him lines directly from the boss.

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