Backstage News on Why John Cena Is Returning Early and More

– It turns out that John Cena wasn’t hurt as much as doctors originally expected. When doctors examined him, they found only a partial tear triceps. This was known when WWE announced Cena’s original recovery time.

There was talk of Cena still staying out of action until January but with WWE’s thin roster, the decision was made to bring him back. WWE officials knew Cena would be returning 4 or 5 days ago but didn’t decide on the match against Alberto Del Rio until this past weekend.

As of Monday, the plan is for Cena vs. Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title to be a regular singles match, not a Hell In a Cell match.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Fast Eddie

    Let’s be honest. Love him or hate him, Cena is a major draw. All the kids that drag their parents to WWE go to see Cena. Go to any elementary school in America and I bet the only wrestler the majority of the kids know will be JOHN CENA.

    • RobbieD

      true.. hope it will go the hogan route bulid up towards a heel turn… i think he would be an unbelievable heel..

      • allan

        He’s never going heel get over it.

        • Negatist

          Allan, I forgot you’re the god of all things wrestling. Sadly, you’re no one to take advice from.

      • Claude Moore

        I doubt Cena will ever turn heel. First of all, WWE needs a clean cut posterboy with a proven track record of making money. There are other money makes in the company, but none that look ‘safe’ to a parent who is making the decision wether to let their child watch wresting or not. Second, Hogan worked as a heel initially because of Hall and Nash. Fans were also ready to cheer for Hogan when he became a face because they missed the red and yellow. Cena’s lame attempt to dust off the old Heel Cena flopped in his promo against the Rock, and I can’t think of many fans that would be clamoring for a return of Fruit Pebbles once the heel character grew stale.

        • Michael Delfino

          It’s like I said in another forum. The amount of merchandise that Cena sells for WWE is the simple reason why he’ll never go heel. Heels just don’t sell merchandise. Think about it, how many Del Rio or Orton shirts do you see in the audience? How many Bryan and Cena shirts do you see?

      • Zuckerton

        Hogan only turned Heel because he was in WCW, had he stayed in WWE, he never would’ve went heel.

        • Negatist

          You gotta be a real asshole to believe that one..

          • Zuckerton

            He was a face in WWE for 10 years and showed no signs of turning.

    • allan

      Let him be on Saturday morning slam then.

    • fmdof

      Yep. Hating him is big money too, so no matter our opinion of him, its money.

      • allan

        How is hating him big money? The only way he makes money is off little kids I don’t think people buy tickets just to boo cena its just an added perk lol adults don’t buy his crap unless Its for there kids

        • fmdof

          Let’s see, the cena sucks shirts they sold a ton of is 1 example. Or just people tuning in or attending just in hopes to see him lose. Just like there’s money watching the face chasing the heel, only the opposite for cena.

    • allan

      Then they turn 6 and realize he’s a douche

      • Negatist

        Yeah but the bigger douche would be you, Allan.

      • Thomas Andrews

        Allan, a guy who donates his time to charities such as Make a Wish isn’t a douche. Just because his gimmick is stale doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

        • allan

          I’m going by his gimmic, he is a great guy I wish he was just on a kids network and not wwe

  • paul mcdowell

    I see cena coming in loosing to del rio and then out of character cena gives del rio an aa then sandow comes down and cashes in and new champ is crowned