Backstage News on Why WWE Is Pushing Big Show, More on Bryan


– Big Show is main eventing WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view with Randy Orton because there’s a renewed effort within WWE to put larger or bigger wrestlers in the spotlight. This is the reason for Show being pushed and why we’ve seen more of Luke Harper and The Great Khali lately.

There’s a feeling that Daniel Bryan was on top for a few months and WWE’s pay-per-view buyrates have been down during that period. The feeling among upper management is that Bryan isn’t a larger than life wrestler and that’s what fans want. They feel a guy like Bryan should be on the mid-card having great matches.

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  1. wow, that’s a f***in slap to the face, guys like shawn micheals & ric flair wasn’t the biggest guys on the planet, booker t isn’t big, the rock isn’t big, john cena IS NOT BIG, but those guys are legends and they still push cena, boy i tell ya, wwe needs a reality check, cm punk who’s a great wrestler like bryan isn’t a big person, but he was champion for a whole year, and ppv’s wasn’t hurting, continue to push down this guy for no reason, that’s f***ed up

  2. Yawn.. Shawn, Bret, Owen.. psst WWE, it’s not the wrestlers,it’s the story lines and PG matches. The Big Show has the personality of a tea bag, I don’t even buy the knockout guy’s are just standing there waiting to get punched in the head. Big guys destroying mid carders gets old fast. No one seems to have a clue at the moment. The reason I don’t really watch wrestling anymore even if it’s in my blood.

    • I don’t think it’s so much the fact most matches are PG, it’s the story that people aren’t getting behind. However I do think for certain matches (eg Punks final match w/ Ryback & Heyman) should have been a brutal, attitude era style hardcore type match because it was the culmination of the feud that’s supposed to be personal.

      • I also think it’s the caliber of wrestler coming through are simply not good enough or compelling characters. Before, I don’t think it’s any coincidence (apart from Punk) that the ones succeeding are the third gen wrestlers as opposed to the Tough Enough graduates. These wrestlers are a victim to ratings,so they push Bryan then decide he’s a mid carder because the ratings were down so they push Show. They make a monster of Ryback then give him that silly bully gimmick, now he’s a Heyman guy. The smart fan is that much smarter these days, keep chopping and switching characters and taking the steam out of their pushes and they get disintrested

    • You don’t watch it because your favorite wrestler doesn’t win well. Try Being a Drew McIntyre Fan where is his WWE title shot. I am sorry but we know that the title is not get settled. If they did it with Daniel Bryan what do you think they will do to the Show. And you can bring up the PG rating I call BS on you it was huge in the 80s and the storylines rocked. And they had a PG rating. What the PG 13 rating did was to do was to stay competitive with WCW and as you see it we really don’t have any thing to be Competitive against. PG isn’t that bad of a rating. What is so bad you cant say F*** oh wait you cant any way s*** I don’t think they mind that ass they don’t mind that also. Raw is Live and so what the crowd says goes. Ok that goes. Ok now to the middle finger you want another copy cat SCSA that raises his middle finger yeah that cool. that make your pg higher maybe but if you have to have another man copy that that’s just gay. Now that leads me to the Women there is not one women diva I want to see in a nasty poise except Summer Rae the or Kaitlyn , Emma, or charlotte and two of them are on NXT. so that doesn’t mean jack then blood hmm or well they do have Extreme matches they don’t always have ECW matches if you want to see blood matches go to corner matches in in bad neighborhoods. PG ratings arents jack.

      • woah there fella, I stopped watching it due to work commitments and growing up, but thanks for telling me why I stopped watching 🙂 When I say PG rating I’m not talking about watching brutal matches with blood and swearing. The attitude era was just that, attitude. They pushed the boat out more, they tried to be more you alluded to, to be more competitive with WCW. Wrestling has been toned down a lot mainly because USA network demands it and also because Linda McMahon was running for office. People get excited when CM does a shoot, why? Because it’s unscripted and because it’s the last flicker of any semblance of originality. I really don’t watch the divas anyway. I used to think Sunny and Sable were exploited, it was a little too much. The only one that’s interesting is AJ, because she has a character and motivations. The others are just pretty girls who occasionally wrestle. But thanks for the verbal beat down. Not quite sure what I did to earn it.

        • Work commitments its called a DVR. You cant have a wrestler wrestle till he is 60 years old they have to move on some times it take longer there was a dark side in the mid 90s where the WWE was not good nor WCW but we stuck around even if they recycle it. We know it will get better. And your just blaming it on another thing its now Linda’s fault. The WWE matches in the 80s shows would have been rated PG so there is just a six or seven year period that was PG 13. You also have to bring up new wrestler and release them weather we like them or not. heck 5 stars are hurt right now.

        • Well My non Minnesota because I am from Minnesota is 1 HBK 2 Greg the Hammer Valentine, 3.Shelton Benjamin 4. Drew McIntrye and 5 Bobby Roode.
          Minnesota only 1. Greg Gagne 2.Rick Rude 3 Mr Perfect 4.Bob Backlund and 5 He is billed he but is from Wi but even though this state pumps more wrestlers constantly to the main stage we will take him because he is awesome its Austin Aries.
          There is my top picks its I agree if I said if Drew was my Fav it would be like saying your a fan of the Brawler which I laffed for hours I hated that guy as a kid I don’t know why but I thought why is the WWF putting him on the tv he is terrible.

    • The knockout punch is the biggest load of s*** ever! Not just for the reason you give but because closed fists are “illegal”, so any victory should be voided.

  3. WHen I think of their Larger than Life attitude…I think they are the ones who screwed it up..not Daniel Bryan..look at the watered down title have 2 heavyweight champs and they move the belt around way too look at Hogan..Bruno..Flair..they held the belt for long stretches.. It sold the fact that they indeed were on the that you have 2 top belts that change hands so often..the champs lose any long term credibility. The Two top titles with the over abundance of PPV doesn’t give the build and the statement of longetivity to the belt holders…you have to build them and trust them for a long stretch…at least that is my feeling..even though Andre didn’t really get his mind moment till the end..he was virtually unstoppable for YEARS…

  4. it has nothing to do with Daniel Bryan not being a larger then life wrestler. I sometimes wish the WWE head offices would get a clue.
    The fact is most people are tired of seeing Triple H come out there and talk about himself. They are tired of Randy Orton always coming out on top (because he is friends with Triple H. You know, the small detail that he is a heel should not make any difference.) and they are tired of seeing deserving wrestlers made to look week so John Cena can look like the King of the World.
    WWE does not care about real old school wrestling fans like myself anymore. You know, the guys that buy every pay-per-view as well as other merchandise. They care about seeing John Cena t-shirts to 8 year old kids and having the same boring thing on TV week after week that they still expect people to pay money for.
    WWE won the Monday night wars because they gave the wrestling fans what they wanted. Now Vince is just worried about pleasing himself. That is the reason the WWE is failing not Daniel Bryan.

  5. Love it when they blame the little, yet buy rates were also low when Cena was Champion and yet it took him getting injured for them to take the title from him.

  6. Vince would still be distributing roids if he could…he has always been a fan of the cartoonishly large guys..


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