Backstage News on WWE Announcing Batista’s Return

PWInsider is reporting that Batista’s return announcement that aired on Monday’s Raw was planned early last week and not a last minute idea because of the online leak that took place over the weekend.

WWE’s original planned has always called for Batista to return at the Raw before the Royal Rumble and be entered into the Royal Rumble match. Reasons for Batista’s return at the Raw before the Rumble has to do with the company wanting a spike in the ratings for that show.

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  • Fast Eddie

    Dave Batista rules!!

  • Braxton L Mullen

    i like to see batista come in win the rumble.
    and see corperate screw orton at wrestlemania 30 like montreal at survivor series 97

    • Marcus

      would not be suprised to see this happen. He’ll then have a month or two for title defence matches before he goes off to promote Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Rene Ramirez

    it sucks

  • BigGayAl

    I just bought the Batista II chair at Office Max!

  • Jos?

    Can you do that to Jeff Hardy he left Tna give him a chance