Backstage News On WWE Changing The NXT Format

There has been talk within WWE about moving the NXT television tapings to a bi-weekly style, as opposed to every four weeks.

The negative in doing something like that is that the expense for the tapings would increase, which wouldn’t be ideal considering they don’t bring in much revenue with those shows.

The positive is that the show will come off better, since in most cases the crowds for those shows are hot for the first two tapings and then die off as the rest of the tapings take place.

Additionally, this could result in TNA having more competition if and when they return to Orlando for iMPACT! Wrestling tapings.

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  • allan

    nxt is better then raw most weeks the crowd is always great and respectful

  • Ronald Ryan

    have only caught a few shows of it NXT is what wrestling to be and that is well wrestling very well done Just the good ol’days of wrestling

  • The FBWA

    NXT is the best WWE product in my opin ion these days.. with the exception of Daniel Bryan’s run.

  • fmdof

    i agree with all the comments below me. NXT is great, and I love the emphasis on characters.