Backstage News on WWE Officials Being Upset with Ric Flair


– has confirmed reports of heat on Ric Flair for his behavior at the WWE 2K14 event on Saturday night. The feeling is that Flair “hi-jacked” the event. Word is that the video game people weren’t bothered at all but WWE officials were pretty upset.

Flair was close to signing a new public relations contract with WWE but Saturday night may have put that deal in jeopardy, at least for the time being. He was also scheduled to make a surprise SummerSlam appearance but that was nixed.

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  1. but of course he did hes the nature boy ric flair 16 time champ hes just doing whats hes none for yrs being the man wooooooooo

  2. He has been going downhill since his son died. I wish WWE would leave him alone. I don’t know how they’d feel if someone they cared about died. It’s not all business you know; even Ric Flair has feelings.

    • Cut the bleeding heart crap… Business makes Flair happy! That’s why WWE keeps connecting with him. Why do I have to keep pointing these things out to you people?

      • I guess you can’t be helped but for normal people that understand Ric’s son isn’t coming back on another segment; pray for him please. It’s hard to lose anyone but to lose your child and have idiots think it’s about making them money or happy is unreal.

    • Oh that’s good I didn’t know why I didn’t think of that 3 members are there and who are they gonna recruit Ryback lol.

      • As much as I think Batista is easily replacable in Evolution with anybody who’s got some muscle I don’t think that’s what it was about. I’m thinking more that he would’ve been in the panel or something lame like that.

  3. Who cares if Flair was drunk?! It’s not like he is a violent drunk, people. At least you know he’s gonna be entertaining beyond belief. Which is something I can’t say for most of the younger talent roster in the WWE!


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