Backstage News on WWE’s Plans for Reigns, Summer Studies Valet

– Some fans may have noticed that Summer Rae’s “Mean Girls” gimmick on NXT is similar to the mid-80’s UWF version of Missy Hyatt and that’s not a coincidence. Rae studied old tapes of the way Hyatt projected her character although the characters themselves are different. Dusty Rhodes knew this and the “First Lady of NXT” name they gave her specifically was modeled after Hyatt’s “First Lady of Wrestling” name.

– As of this past week, the plan to turn Roman Reigns babyface is scheduled to be fast-tracked. WWE officials are looking at him as being the new young golden boy of the promotion. On RAW this week they did nothing past put him in a position where his spear on Big Show was designed to make people pop.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Ernie Marin

    he is the 4th “golden boy” this year, yet as soon as they have the slightest look with John Cena they go back to being mid card, just ask Dolph Ziggler.