Backstage News on WWE’s Plans for Tonight’s Main Event, Total Divas


– Tonight’s episode of WWE Total Divas will go up against the final hour of the SummerSlam pay-per-view. The official preview reads like this:

“Nikki is insecure about her weight; Ariane considers getting breast implants; Natalya wants more romance from her fianc?, TJ.”

– Both Randy Orton and Triple H are booked to have key storyline influences on tonight’s Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena match for the WWE Title at SummerSlam. Tonight’s match is expected to be the kickoff for WWE’s big WrestleMania XXX angle with the McMahon family.

Triple H being added as special referee is not because officials think Bryan doesn’t have enough star power and they need Triple H there, it’s quite the opposite. Triple H was added to the match because this is a high profile title match, the biggest since WrestleMania, and the right spot for the angle to really get going with the McMahons.

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  1. As long as Allan and some of you other clowns don’t post anything stupid on this thread, perhaps SummerSlam won’t be jinxed with poor predictions of what’s to come tonight.

  2. lets see bryan beats cena and orton comes down and him and HHH will screw bryan out of the title……anyone else think this

  3. This match does not need Triple HHH at all. I feel as though it takes away from the match now. Triple HHH needs disappear and just do his current job. As far as Randy goes I hope predictions don’t come true. The only reason why they gave this guy the money in the bank briefcase to begin with is because they had nothing else for him. I wonder why??? hmmmm because he is boring as hell.

    • Why not so he can go back to a heel were people don’t like Orton that’s why.Ryback character not redeeming and big show and henry are both faces so who better than Bryan to take the title away from. Plus its not the first time Bryan only held the title for a day or less. Plus it would be good down the road when the next ppv goes off Orton vs Bryan. Byran will go down Monday screaming I can beat you this and that crap. The Crowd will love it because they are idiots and can only say yes yes yes or no no no they are worse now than when scsa and his stupid what! And then orton will win again At the next ppv because they will let the kick to the head back in.

      • I don’t feel as though Randy can sell ppv time or tv time. To me he is just a skip or a channel surfer when his matches come on.

          • Don’t get me wrong at one point in time Orton was a hot star. The legend killer gimmick and the evolution storyline was awesome. But lately I feel he lacks.

            I been watching wrestling since I was born.

          • yeah same but even before the evolution he was awesome he was a great heel people decided to cheer him. Till people start booing him again that his fate I afraid I always liked him thought he was a great wrestler but lost it as a face

  4. Breast implants? Really? Stacy Keibler is one of the most loved divas ever, and she had real boobs. Clooney didn’t seem to mind, either. Don’t be fake, Ariane!


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