Backstage News – Top TNA Talents Leaving TNA?, SpikeTV Future?

There is said to be a lot of “uncertainty” in TNA about the future of the company’s negotiations with Spike TV. After Bully Ray announcing his departure (when his contract is up this weekend unless they can agree to terms), the word is that TNA will not re-sign main event talent until they sign a new long-term TV deal. This could mean that more top talent will be leaving in the next few months. As we reported late last night, Kurt Angle and Devon’s contracts are expiring over the next several weeks. In addition to those two, there are several other “big name” contracts that are expiring before the end of 2014.

As previously reported, TNA iMPACT! Wrestling moved to Wednesday night this week and had the lowest ratings in years (0.65 (0.7) with 852,000 viewers). How iMPACT! performs on Wednesdays will be a factor in TNA’s ongoing negotiations with Spike.

For what it’s worth, there are some who believe SpikeTV extended iMPACT! through 2014 to give TNA enough time to talk with other Networks about possibly picking them up. If that were the case, SpikeTV would not be renewing them and is simply “being nice” by giving them more than enough time to figure out what their next move is.

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