Backstage News On How Vince McMahon Perceives “Woken Matt Hardy”, If Hardy Has Creative Freedom


As seen on WWE Raw this week, Matt Hardy debuted his long-awaited “Woken Matt Hardy” gimmick, and it was met with rave reviews from fans online. Hardy debuted the character in a pre-taped segment with Bray Wyatt, and you can check it out below.

woken matt hardy

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According to a new report by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, Vince McMahon is a huge proponent of the “Woken Matt Hardy” character, as Vince views this as a way for WWE to cash-in on an already popular gimmick that was made famous elsewhere. Furthermore, Vince and WWE have given Hardy creative freedom with the character, so he can continue to evolve it in WWE.

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As for Hardy’s current trademarking process of the “Broken Universe” gimmick, the SI report notes Ed Nordholm and Anthem Sports and Entertainment still owns the “Broken Universe” intellectual property, and it remains to be seen whether or not Hardy and Anthem can work out a deal in the future. If the “Woken” character succeeds in WWE, however, there might be no need for the “Broken” moniker. On a final note, The Hardys and Ed Nordholm are currently not in contact with each other.

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  • Justa Nother Guy

    It’s good to hear that Vince is letting Matt have his own freedom with the character. The Broken/Woken gimmick has the ability to shake up the wrestling world, especially giving how “sanitary” everything on WWE’s main shows feel.

    • Mike Killam

      I would always give Matt Hardy as much creative control as humanly possible. I’m actually really looking forward to his career after he retires from in-ring wrestling, because WWE would be very smart to hand him their creative book.

      • Justa Nother Guy

        Legit. Matt has one of the smartest minds in the business. I am just happy fans are finally getting to seeing and appreciate what he’s all about. For the longest time he has been really underappreciate by fans. But his longevity in the business and constant evolution of his character are a testament to his acumen as not only a smart performer but as an entertainer to seeing the shift in the business as a whole.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    that was bad…

  • Matt Hoover

    This actually has me thinking about watching again…good to know Matt has creative freedom, because that first skit with Bray was underwhelming. WWE also screws up opportunities for what could/should be epic reveals/returns/debuts, etc. They kinda just put it out there.

  • Robert Stratton

    I truely feel that Matt having creative control over his character is a great thing. Wwe should allow their talent to do so, unless your brock lesner who has never been able to talk on a mic, but thats what Paul heyman is for

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