Backstage News On WWE Possibly Making Another Huge PPV Format Change in 2018


As we noted earlier this week, it is expected that WWE will be making an official announcement imminently regarding all PPV events reverting back to dual branded shows, featuring the stars of both Raw and Smackdown. The change is expected to go into effect at Backlash this year, which is the first PPV after WrestleMania 34.

That is not the only change expected to be made to WWE PPV’s, however, reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

As of now, the big four PPV events, WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Survivor Series, are all four hours in length with one to two hour Kickoff pre-shows. The Observer is reporting all PPV’s are expected to be lengthened to four hours, making all monthly events the same length. The reason for the change is so that each PPV event will have enough time to feature all the top stars since both brand rosters will be present on each show.

The Observer points out, however, that a chief complaint with big four PPV’s is the length of the shows, as Royal Rumble this year, for example, was a six hour event including the Kickoff show. The new format change will reportedly see all Kickoff shows last one hour, for a total of five hours per PPV event.

The Observer also pointed out several other possible negatives to the change, and they are as follows:

-Midcard talents would not be featured as prominently, resulting in less TV time for their particular angles.

-More title matches and stipulation matches might be relegated to free TV or Kickoff shows, due to time constraints, lessening the significance of midcard titles.

-More multi-man matches might be booked for PPV events, as a way of utilizing more top and midcard talents.

-PPV’s are expected to feature two top title matches, two midcard title matches, two women’s title matches, and possible cruiserweight/tag title matches.

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