Backstage Reaction To Sting In WWE + Big NXT Feud Set?

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— When the video package of Sting being featured in the WWE 2K15 video game aired on RAW this past week, a lot of WWE talents were excited about the idea of Sting coming in. While it remains to be seen if Sting wrestles in WWE even though he’s very open to it judging by his recent comments, a lot of guys on the current roster grew up watching him and were excited about the possibility of him coming in to wrestle a match. The reaction was similar to when Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior came in as these were a lot of guys’ “heroes” growing up.

— WWE NXT talent Bull Dempsey is scheduled to feud with current NXT Champion Adrian Neville in the coming weeks. As seen on last week’s NXT broadcast on the WWE Network, Dempsey squashed Angelo Dawkins and then cut a promo saying he won’t stop until he’s NXT Champion.

Some of you may remember Dempsey as he used to work as Smith Jones on the indy scene. He is currently being billed at “The New York Nightmare” in NXT. Back in June, Dempsey squashed Xavier Woods and then cut a promo saying the wrestling business used to be dominated by brawlers like himself and he’d be bringing that style back. He says he’s the “last of a dying breed” and will be taking the NXT title sooner rather than later.

We shall see!

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