Backstage News On Ronda Rousey’s Attitude in WWE, Samoa Joe & The Rock Praise UFC Star, Kofi vs Benjamin (Watch)


WWE has uploaded the above video to its YouTube channel looking back at an old match from WWE’s version of ECW, showing the full match between Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston.

Backstage Reports On Ronda Rousey’s Attitude in WWE

New reports from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reveal what Ronda Rousey is like backstage in WWE and how her attitude is.

“I know this from several different people there. Attitude wise, 100% tremendous. No negativity there. She’s happy she loves doing this. She’s a hard worker. She has absolutely no stuck up star issue in this whatsoever. There’s no ego thing there, in fact it’s the opposite everyone’s talked about how refreshing it is that she is so humble for as big a star that she is.

“So she doesn’t come in with the attitude a lot of guys that came in from football and all this came in and walked around like they were real sh*t or what some people will do.”

H/T to Ringside News for the quote.

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Samoa Joe & The Rock Praise UFC Star

WWE star Samoa Joe, along with WWE legend The Rock, each praised UFC star Samoa Joe this week, with Joe offering the following during an interview with The UK Mirror:

“He knows how to promote a fight,” the wrestling star told Irish Mirror online. “He can bring tremendous interest to anything he does.

“That’s a rare skill that not a lot of guys have, despite how skilled they may be in fighting or wrestling.”

After watching McGregor’s new “Notorious” documentary, The Rock posted the following on Instagram: