Backstage Update – Bully Ray’s TNA Departure, Devon’s Future?

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UPDATE: As previously reported, Bully Ray told the TNA locker room at last night’s house show event in Hagerstown, MD that it was his last night with the company. According to sources, last night was the final date on Bully Ray’s contract, and as of today, he is free to work anywhere he wants. Word is that both sides are discussing a possible new deal, but nothing has been agreed upon. Many talents were surprised to hear the news due to Bully’s position in the company and the fact that he and Devon had been announced as this year’s TNA Hall of Fame members. Ray is also known as a locker-room leader and held a meeting just last week in New York City praising the company, roster, etc. He went out of his way to say that the company was “fine” and wasn’t going out of business. He was very upbeat during that speech in New York City and said he planned to be there for “years to come.” That’s why it’s so interesting as something happened within the past week or so. It’s possible that they were working on a new deal and simply couldn’t agree to the terms that Bully Ray was hoping for.

Speaking of Devon, he is reportedly under contract “through some point this fall”.

ORIGINAL: In what has to be viewed as a major blow for TNA, Bully Ray had a meeting with the roster at last night’s house show in Hagerstown, Maryland and said he wanted to tell them goodbye, as he didn’t expect to be working with the company anymore. The source reports that Bully’s contract is expiring and that last night’s show was the last he was contracted to appear on, so it would appear they were unable to come to terms on a new deal.

As the source notes, Bully and Devon are set to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory in October. The company also has one more match left in a series that he was involved in during the last iMPACT! tapings, requiring that they will have to find a way to end the series without him if the report is true.

During his time with TNA, Bully has risen to the top of the company through his time with Aces & Eights and held the TNA World Title. He was also of course involved in the big blow-off to the Dixie Carter angle when he put her through a table. He was also working as an agent backstage.