Backstage Update – Is The Undertaker Retired?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here is the latest update on The Undertaker. WWE has spoken with him about coming back. But after the WrestleMania match, where he suffered a concussion, and all of the other injuries he has had, he told the company that it “wasn’t looking good”.

But this does not mean any decision has been made. ‘Taker is in the gym and working out. He also has a major gym and ring inside his home in Texas. In past years, he would be negative on a comeback until September. Once September would come, he would make his decision to come back for WrestleMania. We shall see.

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  1. I think at this point for him, it may be best just to hang up the boots and let it go. When he lost at WrestleMania, I at first thought that he can’t let his career go out like that. But, on the other hand, its kind of a fitting way to go out. The Streak died, so must his career. It ultimately will be up to the Undertaker, but I also see it as if he comes back and wrestles at next years WrestleMania and wins, it would lessen the impact of losing at this years WrestleMania.

  2. To be honest, he should have retired like 3 Wrestlemania’s ago when he couldn’t stand up at the end of the match. That was his very last great in ring performance. Every Wrestlemania after that his matches sucked ass because they were slow brawls and those are the worst kind of matches that can take place. Let’s be honest here, he hasn’t looked good since WM27 and he should have called it quits after that one but noooo!

    He just had to be an idiot until it was time to lay down for that part time piece of trash Lesnar. Everybody’s acting like they’re so shocked that the streak was broken. It didn’t surprise me because the moment they named Lesnar as the opponent, I knew it was over. They never let him beat Lesnar and I knew they never would.

    Especially a washed up worn down version of Undertaker. At that point, I had lost all respect for the guy and it’s a real shame because he was one of my top favorites for like 16 years. If anybody was going to break the streak, it should have been CM Punk because he carried that match by making Undertaker’s lackluster performance look half decent. If not CM Punk, it should have been Kane by casket match since Kane has never beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    The rivalry story line could have been sparked by Paul Bearer’s passing. They could have even had Foley show up (as a guest referee or to interfere) again as Mankind to bring that Attitude Era feel back to it since Kane and Mankind used to be tag team managed by Paul during that era that had problems with Undertaker. The story would have linked back years of matches and history. It would have made a lot more sense that way. He doesn’t have anymore to gain from staying in the wrestling business. One thing is for damn sure, I could care less what he does now because I’ve moved on.

      • Good. CM Punk quitting was one of the best things to happen in WWE because he stood up for himself and didn’t let Vince and his rich investors dictate his life just to give him a s***ty match at the biggest event of the year which was also a failure because they didn’t even come close to selling 1M PPVs. He doesn’t owe that company jack s*** and for all the times he busted his ass for them, they could have been a little more respectable towards the direction of his career instead of giving part time jerkoffs like BOOtista the Royal Rumble victory and the road to the WM30 main event. That’s common sense. You either have it or you don’t and CM Punk OBVIOUSLY had it.

        • It is entertainment! True professionals don’t quit and go home! Should have worked until his contract was up!! There’s a way to prove your morals and do it right! Biggest example was Owen Hart not wanting to do a crap angle with Debra McMichael. So Vince put him back to that stupid blue blazer gimmick and killed him! That fake crying by HHH and Stephanie on Raw the next night made me want to throw up!

          • WRONG! It’s not just entertainment because the main purpose is wrestling. Therefore, it’s more fair to call it the wrestling business. Professional or not, he sacrificed life and limb for that greedy and evil company. You want to talk about professionalism when the owner of the company makes his employees kiss his ass on live TV, allows his employees to teach young people to say “suck it”, expect his employee (Kane for See No Evil) to reveal a 3 foot penis in a movie?

            I could keep going but there’s really no need to because the point is proven. Why should CM Punk feel obligated to operate as a “professional” when his boss doesn’t operate within the bounds of professionalism? What kind of example does a nutcase like Vince set for his company? Obviously not a very good one. I’m not sure what Owen had to do with it but Vince definitely exterminated him for showing opposition. CM Punk was smart for getting out of there before some “freak accident” happened to him.

          • All the wrestlers sacrifice life and limb! It doesn’t make Punk special! As for the kissing Vince’s ass, that was the attitude era! Punk was in the independents doing way more dangerous stuff then what was EVER asked of him in his WWE career! Because it is ENTERTAINMENT, not 1 wrestler should ever feel he is bigger than the business! It is something that is rare! That is why Taker is so admired! Vince knows entertainment! He wasn’t afraid to make fun of himself! Owen didn’t walk out cause of something he thought was wrong! Why did Punk leave? Cause he wasn’t main eventing? It is fake! Go out there and entertain! He knew what he was getting into and risks involved!


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