Backstage Update – Kurt Angle Returning To WWE?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Along with the contracts of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian ending in the next few weeks, Kurt Angle is next on the chopping block. His deal with TNA will is set to expire in August or September. The feeling backstage is that he has said all the right things in order to get back in WWE.

However, WWE hasn’t had very much interest in re-signing him. There are also those worried that Angle couldn’t even pass a physical, which is required to work for the company now.

Of course, Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion is looking for talent so it’s possible Kurt may end up there. We shall see.

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  • perfect1

    Kurt would work for the man who slept with his wife? Really?

    • BigHungry

      Well he did trust him in the ring when they did “business” together. Money and not being able to call it quits will make a man do questionable things.

      • allan

        not to mention kurt and jeff are really good freinds now.

    • allan

      consider kurt is married to even hotter chick now and just had ia little girl. not to mention if u look it up u will know kurt and jeff are like best freinds now

  • allan

    lol wwe thinks kurt wont pass the physical.. this is kurt angle! hes 44 and still does 20 foot moonsaults. i think even with his history he could pass it

  • Jeff Rittenour

    WWE has little interest in him? That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. This is Kurt Freakin Angle! Please for the love of god come home Kurt. My 2nd fav wrestler of all time has been dead to me since he left wwe and joined Totally No-Name Assholes…

  • DQ Irving

    I’d love for Kurt to have one more run in the WWE. Maybe turn into a trainer in NXT or something and have a backstage roll after one more run in the ring.

    • allan

      there a reason why angle isnt a trainer because he couldnt teach u as much as say a real trainer cause kurts style is all his own u cant teach it

  • Sushmit

    He Should Have Never Left The Company .. If He Was In WWe For All Past Years Then I Don;t Think A Guy Like Randy Orton Who Wants The Whole Us Army To Protect His Ass From His Competitors Became The Face Of The Company .. Anyways Now We Got Daniel Bryan And No One Is Much Deserving Than Him .. Yes Yes Yes 🙂

    • allan

      kurt angle was released. he didnt quit

  • Sushmit

    Mr Writer Of This Article .. I Think Not Wwe But You Have A Doubt About Kurt Angle’s Physical Abilities .. Kurt Angle Made The Showstopper Shawn Micheals Tap In Wrestlemania .. I Think You Are Just Making Thinks 😛

  • Patrick Ray Shelton

    Well I just so happened to run into Kurt Angle here recently while I was at the Carnegie Science Center in which he told me where he was gonna be going to after his contract with TNA expires. Would any of you like to know?