Backstage Update on Big Show Returning, High Marks for Big E Langston


– Big E Langston has received some high marks for his singles matches on the current WWE tour overseas, particularly his matches against Randy Orton.

– Big Show is being looked at this weekend in hopes of being medically cleared to return to the ring. The feeling is they are going to have to start pushing The Shield’s SummerSlam match beginning this week on RAW.

As noted, the plan is to do Mark Henry and Big Show vs. all three members of The Shield. If Show isn’t cleared this weekend, they may decide to go in another direction.

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  1. Big show hopefully he be cleared Mark get the time prime players and form the African lieg again an induct the Sheild into the African Hall of Fame No direspect here an all black nominating team will be great to go against Dirty Dutch Mantell Stable once they beat the hell of the shield an fall into the Hall Of Pain


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