Backstage Update on Reported Problems Between The Rock and WWE


– There is said to be a strong disconnect between The Rock and WWE right now, although no side will admit it publicly.

Some people within WWE feel that The Rock didn’t do right by the company with his most recent a run. With that said, a source adds that there will always be people in WWE saying those kinds of things about The Rock.

Regarding the disconnect between Rock and WWE officials, the feeling is that everything will be smoothed out over time.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. Rock is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood now..wwe is lucky he came back at all..he doesn’t need the money he just loves the business. People should be happy. Wresdtlemania 29 made more money then almost ever ppv wwes ever had. Enough said.

    • that’s right, allan. once upon a time austin did way worse, and not only the bridge was mended, but things were like nothing happened. the rock was great for bussiness and fans like me. besides, unlike others, he did the job….

      • Exactly. I’d like to know how he “didn’t do right by the company”. He came in, had a good run, and (as Frankie said) did the job before he left. Some internet fans will just never be happy. That’s all there is to it.

  2. The Rock got himself hurt doing business with the company’s guy for the sake of fan interest and the company. It wasn’t about his legacy which IMO is cemented and It’s not exactly like he was hard off for any money (Pain & Gain, Fast 5, Fast 6 etc.) WWE kills me with these double standards. They’ve NEVER let The Rock leave Wrestlemania with the WWE title like he rightfully should have done at least once. He’s put over any and everybody he’s ever been asked to and just gave Cena an unnecessary extra push for the sake of “the business” and they use his celebrity to their advantage yet perpetuate this hostility, and unnecessary strife and envy. I’m old enough to remember that Hulk Hogan wasn’t showing up or wrestling on Raw back in 93′ when they inserted him into the main event scene to boost PPV buyrates and “stole” the rest of the roster’s “thunder” going to and through wrestlemania 9. People say “Rock’s rusty. he sucks. He’s a hollywood sellout. He needs to wrestle more.” How much more do people want the guy to give back?” Triple H and Undertaker and Lesnar wrestle whenever they feel up to it and none of them routinely perform TV matches if they don’t want to. The Rock should receive the same courtesy and .


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