Backstage Update on Undertaker’s WM Opponent, Stephanie & HHH Accept Award

– Stephanie McMahon and Triple H accepted an Impact Award for WWE and the concussion work they’ve done last night in Boston from Chris Nowinski and the Sports Legacy Institute. Stephanie tweeted:

“Thank you @ChrisNowinski1 for the amazing work you and your team do to prevent concussions. Our @sportslegacy Impact Award belongs to you.”

“Thank you again @ChrisNowinski1 we are proud and honored to receive the @sportslegacy Impact Award for 2013.”

Stephanie HHH Nowinski

Stephanie and HHH 2

– The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar is now on the books for WrestleMania XXX, provided that Taker feels healthy enough to work that kind of match. Lesnar was always going to work with either The Undertaker or The Rock.

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Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Just havin fun.

    That’s kind of a bummer. I am a HUGE taker fan, but why is this a good match? No one thinks there is a chance that Lesnar will beat the streak (I thought there were at least some logical reasons why CM Punk might).

    Lesnar will not be able to make Taker look good, either. Lesnar is someone who needs a person to make him look good.

    Let Brock and Rock battle it out in a who cares match. Here’s a quick list of people I can see UT against, that I would like better than Lesnar:

    – Danial Bryan (only if Bryan were to win)
    – Ziggler (This would require a LOT of re-building of Dolph’s character first)
    – Sting (as bad a match as Lesnar, but at least it would be a “dream” match type of spectacle)
    – the Rock (can make Taker look good, match would have a big event feel, and the Rock, if anyone, can make people believe he will win)

    This is just a quick list, I am sure I can come up with more.

    • Eyam Ova-Urazis

      I agree with everything you said, but I’ll add that it’s no secret a Taker vs Lesnar match was in the cards. Remember the MMA match where Undertaker asked Lesnar if he was gonna do it? AND a Taker/Lesnar match shouldn’t be at Wrestlemania. Taker is my favorite, but a Bryan win at ‘Mania would be epic.