Backstage Update On Why Braun Strowman Has Yet to Be Booked in a WrestleMania 34 Match, Possible PPV Plans


With WrestleMania 34 nearly one month away, top WWE Raw star Braun Strowman still has no plans for the big PPV in New Orleans.

As we recently noted, one of the reasons why Strowman┬áhas yet to be booked for the PPV is because he is being saved as a “Plan B” in case there proves to be any truth to the recent steroid allegations levied against Roman Reigns made by filmmaker Jonny Bravo and jailed steroid ring dealer Richard Rodriguez.

While publicly Reigns has denied any involvement with Rodriguez, concern in WWE is great enough that they are holding off on booking Strowman in a match in case any type of incriminating evidence does surface against Reigns which might force him off the WrestleMania card.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter now reports that plans for The Monster Among Men at WrestleMania could include seeing him placed in the WWE Universal Title Match making it a Triple Threat. Plans could also include Strowman participating in some kind of gimmick segment at WrestleMania, which could include either a throwaway match or some kind of test of strength similar to what has been seen recently seen on WWE TV. It’s also being said Strowman, along with Samoa Joe if he can be cleared to return in time, could be added to the WWE IC Title Triple Threat match at WrestleMania.

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