Backstage Update: Plans For Cesaro & Paul Heyman


As seen on RAW Monday night, Cesaro announced himself as the newest “Paul Heyman Guy”. The two will be feuding as babyfaces against a heel Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter in the coming weeks.

Brock Lesnar is expected to take time off now that WrestleMania 30 is over so Paul Heyman will be working as a babyface with Cesaro for now. What happens when Brock Lesnar returns several months down the road remains to be seen – does he return as a babyface with Paul Heyman and Cesaro or do they turn Cesaro heel with Brock Lesnar. With Paul Heyman mangering both talents, they both need to be either babyfaces or heels. I’m guessing WWE doesn’t even know or care at this point!

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  1. Hayman has waaaaayyyy to much heat right now as a heel manager for them to try to keep Cesaro face. The live crowds just aren’t going to buy into it. Lesnar taking time off… that is exactly why he shouldn’t have been the one to pass the torch to.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more do they honestly expect us to believe heyman as a face after all the crap he said about the undertaker tonight cesaro should be on his on

      • out of curiosity, when is the last time a promotion ran a heel vs heel program? That actually makes the most sense with Cesaro and Swagger.

  2. As much as we complain about how the torch was passed, and as much as I agree with not passing it in that fashion, remember it was Taker himself who chose Lesner. I personally have a problem with the torch being passed to an overpaid part timer under any circumstances. The streak should never had been broken at all, and if it had to be it should have gone to an up and comer who is there every day honing his craft. I would have chosen Reigns. After seeing the battle royal and watching Caesaro, he would have been in the running too. DB would have been a good choice with the momentum he has too. What a waste.

    • Daniel Bryan would have been terrible!! What r u talking about!? Yeah, let’s give the most heat ever to our number one guy for no reason at all. Thank god ur not in charge. Bloody hell. Same with Reigns.

  3. I love how WWE has an awesome chance to make someone a huge heel for years to come, maybe even a main event player and the throw it away. If this doesn’t show you where their head is at I dunno what is. Also the only person who could have ended the streak and got zero heat would have been Sting.

  4. Heyman came out and told one of the biggest heat seeking promos of recent memory after one of the most shocking conclusions of any WWE match in the last 25 years, and we’re supposed to really get behind Heyman as a “face” manager? LOL!!

    Having said that, Heyman is gold on the mic anyway, and as long as he’s on tv I’ll be watching..

  5. I have to agree with Meko it would have fell right in line with bray wyatt. It would have needed much more buildup than it got. Thats always been my biggest fault with wwe, When you have a ppv every month you can’t build up story lines like they used to. I hope the program with bray and cena runs for a bit, it’s the only one that interests me right now. I do have to give wwe credit, they managed to keep all the match finishes under wraps and that is hard to do in this day and age.

    • They don;t have long term plans for the wyatts as some think… Losing to Cena was bad for the wyatts. I think management is still iffy on how long they can keep up that gimmick… Take wouldn’t have lost to someone they wanted to push cuz what happens if that star doesn’t shine. He lost to a LEGIT fighter, great wrestler and household name…not to Bray who?

  6. People still moaning about Lesnar winning. Guess what guys.. wrestling is scripted. And pretty much in the words of the Rock…it doesn’t matter what you think!


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