Backstage Update On Rey Mysterio Not Signing With WWE

– As noted, according to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio will not be returning to WWE.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicated that reports of Mysterio actually signing with the company were totally overblown, and talks were never said to be that serious between the two sides. The feeling was that Mysterio would end up in GFW because he prefers the lighter schedule and gives him the flexibility to do side projects. Mysterio is unlikely to sign a full-time deal with WWE at this stage in his career, unless he signed for a limited number of appearances, possibly making less money than he’s currently making on the indy scene.

Regarding Rey’s status with Lucha Underground, it appears they are parting ways, and it’s expected he will receive a significant offer from GFW. Rey’s previous deal with Lucha made him one of the higher paid wrestlers in the world, working a limited number of dates and freedom to work other indies. The Observer notes that the money isn’t there for Rey to be offered what his prior deal was, due to internal issues within the promotion.

Konnan noted that he had not negotiated with WWE on behalf of Mysterio, and that if Rey wanted to return to WWE and anyone saw Konnan’s involvement as a negative, then he would stay out of the talks and Rey would negotiate for himself.

As noted, For the past few weeks there have been huge rumors about Rey Mysterio joining Global Force Wrestling. As previously noted, Rey remains under contract with Lucha through the end of season three. He will be a free agent after that and it’s then expected he will debut with GFW soon after.