Backstage Update – Sanada’s TNA Future?, TNA/Wrestle-1


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA is reportedly getting Sanada for free right now, as Wrestle-1 is paying him his regular salary while he works in TNA.

The Great Muta thinks that Sanada will be a big star in Japan, and holding the X Division title in TNA will help him in that regard.

When Sanada dropped the title, it was thought that he would return to Japan full time by the end of the year. There is now talk of signing him to a joint contract with both companies. He would mainly work in TNA but still appear at the big Wrestle-1 events. If this happens, then Sanada would have to be protected somewhat in TNA storylines so he can still be a big star in Japan. Muta thinks he will be a top player in Wrestle-1.

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