Backstage Update – Shane McMahon Injured At WWE Survivor Series

UPDATE: Here more details on the incident with Shane McMahon getting hurt. While Shane McMahon was clearly in pain backstage, he later told everyone on the same night that he was feeling fine.

The plan was for Reigns to pin McMahon after countering the coast-to-coast dropkick with a spear. Both McMahon and Reigns were shaken up after the spot, possibly from bumping heads. After the spot, the referee then saw that Shane McMahon was hurt, and then had officials check on him.

ORIGINAL: Here is an update on Shane McMahon following what appeared to be him possibly getting knocked out or concussed after he took a bump from a spear by Roman Reigns during the RAW vs. SmackDown elimination match at Survivor Series. Sources wouldn’t comment on what type of injury McMahon received, but they did indicate that McMahon was hurt and was treated backstage at the event.

Additionally, McMahon was said to have been in a great deal of pain last night when he left the arena. So, the way in which McMahon was eliminated was not a way to try and protect him from losing. After McMahon took the bump and appeared to be out cold, Randy Orton broke character and went to check on McMahon’s family, who were sitting ringside.

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