Backstage Update – Sting’s WWE Contract Offers

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here is the latest on Sting and WWE.

According to sources, things were going very smoothly several months ago when the two sides were talking. When it came time to sign the contract and the specifics were discussed, the deal WWE offered ended up being similar to the standard $10,000 legends contract. Also, there were no other guarantees included which Sting wasn’t pleased with as you’d expect.

Talks are still ongoing but no deal has been reached as of this writing. For what it’s worth, many expect a deal to be completed – it’s just a matter of when.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

Let the commenters go crazy …….. 🙂

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  • Ozzy TYSON


  • Guest

    So what. It’s a “too little too late” situation with WWE signing Sting and they’re still taking forever to negotiate. Also, Sting is old as f#ck now so what does it matter? This would have been a useful idea about 10-13 years ago when they had that WCW Invasion/Alliance thing going but it’s no good now. After watching WWF/e for over 25 years, I’m expecting them to just use Sting as a stepping stone for jerk0ffs like Cena, Lesnar, Barrett and Miz. What other use will they get out him besides revenue from T-shirts, video games and a quickly forgotten “Hall of Fame” spot?

    It would be ridiculous to have that old man wrestling for a major title. I’m an old school Sting fan but come on, there comes a time where you just have to go home. When TNA had Ric Flair and Sting still wrestling (and Sting wrestling for the world title) I found that to be ridiculous. Two granddads hogging the main event while the younger and more promising talent were jobbed or left out of the show. How ridiculous can you be? He would be able to pull off a manager role but as a wrestler? F**K NO!

  • captainbuck

    HHH, sign the man you fool. He’s got 3 good years you could get out of him. $150k downside injury guarantee with performance bonuses. The man thrives on his own work ethic. Sting vs Cena and Sting With Cena vs The Authority would be gold. Your STUUUUUCK now if DBry has to retire, which is becoming a disturbing possibility. You WERE working for Cena and DBry with the Bellas vs The Authority for Summerslam. Now, you don’t have that. There’s no reason he can’t take on Lesnar. Let Sting military press slam him once and get them face to face so you can see Sting’s height advantage and packing the bat ofcourse. There’s SOME time left, because he’s actually in very decent shape.

  • perfect1

    That is how you build stars!!! Put them in the main event and have someone like Sting lose to them! It works much better than having someone with a stupid catch phrase like “yes!” Being a star!

    • Frankie Martinez

      dude, the worst catchphrase is not ” yes “….It’s “What ?” ….sure, people still use it but it’s extremely and annoyingly moronic, and it got old like ten years ago but is still being used by people that don’t even know how the phrase “What?” came about… point is, if people are chanting whatever, and it’s making money, we’ll hear them ’till kingdom come…

      • allanb

        if it sucked so much people wouldnt still use it its only used when its something boring. what people should hate are the stupid punk chants

        • perfect1

          There are a lot of sheep that follow the herd!! Yeah Punk chants are stupid as well

  • HTRD77

    I could see him teaming up with Cena to fight the Wyatt’s or going against the auothority in some way but I agree he shouldn’t win a title.

  • Fast Eddie

    We want Sting! We want Sting!

  • Roderick Speer

    Bring Sting back to TNA to confront MVP about his authority in TNA