Backstage Update – The Return Of ‘War Games’?

With WWE running feuds with The Shield vs. The Wyatts and now The Shield vs. Evolution, there has been speculation and rumors regarding WWE doing a “War Games Match” at an upcoming PPV.

The company has their pay-per-view locations mapped out, and word is that only one arena the company has booked between now and SummerSlam can fit the two ring setup that War Games requires. That would be the Tampa Bay Times Forum, which hosts the Battleground pay-per-view on July 20th in Tampa, FL.

Let the rumors continue.


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  • Jeffrey Peters

    havent watched wrestling for a while….but since the buy out this was one of the ideas I though should crossover from WCW

  • DQ Irving

    I didn’t grow up watching WCW so it would be pretty cool to see War Games brought back.

  • SmellyAssCheeks

    WWE wouldn’t do a good “War Games” style match up anyway. They are terrible at recreating the same nostalgia factor of something original, especially since WCW was its own company at one point..

    Just stick to what you do well WWE…

    • Guest

      Which is what exactly?

  • j poe

    if done right i am not against this idea. now having said that, i must say giving the track record of recreating has not been good with WWE. personally speaking this scares me and some how i see it being an EPIC FAIL. just me and i’m only speaking for me as well. also note that this is me speaking that seen every wcw pay per view and i do know about the war games matches i don’t see this working out for WWE.