Backstage Update – TNA’s Negotiations With SpikeTV


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While there isn’t a new contract set up between TNA and Spike TV yet, it’s believed that there will be one before their current deal expires in October. Renewal negotiations usually start happening two to three months before the existing TV deal expires. Since it’s June, it will likely start within the next couple of months. While iMPACT! Wrestling ratings haven’t been great, it’s still averaging over a million viewers. Not only is this above the network’s average, but only a few Spike TV shows get higher numbers so TNA is one of the highest rated programs on the entire network.

Spike still wants to have one company for MMA, wrestling and kickboxing. There’s no other wrestling company right now that can guarantee over a million viewers a week since WWE renewed their deal with USA. Global Force Wrestling isn’t an option because Jeff Jarrett’s exit agreement stated he would not approach Spike TV with the promotion.

The problem is the financial stability of TNA. The Carter family believes TNA is self-sustaining and isn’t investing much more into the company. The biggest source of revenue for TNA is Spike. If Spike believed that TNA was in financial trouble, they would be less likely to sign a new multi-year deal.

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