Backstage Update – WrestleMania Divas Match Botched


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As previously reported, the planned finish for the Divas match at WrestleMania 30 was botched.

The original finish for was for AJ Lee to grab Naomi’s hand and tap out with it when she had her in the Black Widow in order to set up a future match between the two on TV. However, Naomi still tapped out with her other hand while she was in the hold.

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  1. Well I didn’t see that at all. Call me blind but it looked to me like AJ used her hand to tap out… I still don’t understand Paige winning – that’s just some silliness…

    • Paige won because she is the best Diva in WWE at the moment but she has been stuck down on NXT while Divas that can’t even wrestle like Eva Marie have been hogging the spotlight. Now Paige and Emma have been brought up WWE can fix the Divas Division and I expect to see Sasha Banks and Bayley brought up very soon too.

      • Eva Marie is awful… nothing about her that I like… she’s got an attitude, thinks she’s the best thing to happen to WWE, and has NO talent in the ring.


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