Backstage Update – WWE Tough Enough Talent & Plans?

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One of the big stories out of the WWE financial report on Thursday was the announced return of Tough Enough on the WWE Network. The show was announced as coming back as a new series on the Network, and a new report says that the show will use current contracted WWE talent.

According to sources, the word in WWE is that the new season will be filmed at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL and is likely to use those members of the developmental roster who aren’t regulars on WWE NXT.

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  • Chad Davis

    So it will be a different version of Tough Enough. The part of TE that I always enjoyed watching was the contestants actually learning the craft and fighting for a WWE contract. This new season will feature people that already probably have the basics down but might just be a little green. Not sure how I feel about this.

    • allan

      ya this isnt even tough enough just a way to weed out the wildcard of guys who were not even good enough for nxt.