Sunday, November 18

Bad News For Raw This Week, Kevin Owens Mocks MGK (Video), Owens & Bret Hart Inducted into Wrestling Hall of Fame


As noted, this week’s edition of WWE Raw averaged 2.813 million viewers, which is up from last week’s 2.759 million viewership average. We also noted that the first hour of the show averaged 3.147 million viewers, compared to the 2.430 million viewers who tuned in for the third hour.

According to, the drop in viewership from hour one to hour three of Raw this week is the second biggest drop the show has seen since it moved to a three-hour broadcast.

Owens & Bret Hart Inducted into Wrestling Hall of Fame is reporting Kevin Owens, Bret Hart and Eugene Tremblay have been inducted into the Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame. You can read more details on the inductions at this link.

Kevin Owens Mocks MGK

As you might recall, rapper Machine Gun Kelly and Kevin Owens had an encounter on Raw back in 2015, which saw Owens powerbomb Kelly off the entrance stage.

In a new video released by WWE, Owens sends a message to MGK, as the two will be appearing at the WWE Tribute to the Troops special airing next week. Owens sarcastically says he really enjoyed MGK’s performance at the Troops tapings, and was upset they didn’t get a chance to “catch up”.

You can read complete WWE Tribute to the Troops TV taping results at this link.

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