Balor Club & DX Pose For Backstage Photo Op, Jericho Puts Everyone On The List, Revival Are Appalled By Club (Videos)


WWE has released more Raw 25 Fallout videos above and below.

Dash & Dawson promise that the events that took place at the Manhattan Center on Raw 25 with DX and The Bálor Club will never happened again.

Jericho Puts Everyone On The List

Chris Jericho greets the likes of Tom Phillips, Mike Rome and Cathy Kelley backstage and takes swift and appropriate action.

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Balor Club & DX Backstage Photo Op

Following the incredible festivities at Raw 25, D-Generation X, The Bálor Club and Scott Hall pose together for a once-in-a-lifetime photo.

Below are more highlights from tonight’s big Raw 25 special, featuring in-ring appearances by The Dudley Boyz, The APA playing poker in the back, The Godfather explaining to Mark Henry that he is “all grown up” and more:

A tag team collision “sets the table” for an appearance from two extreme WWE Legends.

Mark Henry reunites with The Godfather and gets a startling update on the formerly controversial Attitude Era Superstar.

Find out who joined JBL & Ron Simmons for a high-stakes poker game during Raw’s 25th Anniversary.

The Big Dog defends his title against The A-Lister in a blockbuster Intercontinental Title rematch.