Batista Discusses The WWE Locker Room Vibe


Batista spoke with Mike Jones from DC101 in Washington, DC about the current vibe backstage in the locker room.

“Being back in it and seeing that the guys are young and hungry, it gives me a great outlook on the business,” Batista said. “And there’s a lot of talent in there, it’s stuff that I didn’t see before I actually came back. It’s good, it’s a good vibe.”

You can listen to the full interview in the audio below:

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  1. Batista fails to mention how all the guys in the locker room come up and feel his smooth face, yet he still refuses to tell them what moisturizer he uses..the cosmetic surgeon kind

    • I thought something was different. I thought being off the roids maybe but cosmetic surgery that I agree with.

      • im not a dave fan but he doesnt take roids atleast he hasnt in a longtime neither has cena or ryback, its called hard work people

        • Finally someone with some sense..But you’ll never convince the fat kids otherwise. Beliving that makes them feel better about being a lazy slobs..But lets say for the sake of conversation. They take a cycle or 2. You still need to work hard. All roids do really is speed up the process. These guys work hard on or off anything.. Also Batista is now 46. You cant lift heavy forever. He is a lot smaller for sure. But still in phenomenal shape..

  2. If you’ll notice Batista is actually smaller than he was during his first run, he was jacked like Ryback, probably has to do with him being in the MMA with all their drug testing, But he definitely has had surgery on his face..shame really he looked a mean f*cker before..not so much now


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