Batista Gets Backstage Heat, Negative Feedback from Fans, More


– WWE’s shop website has released new t-shirts for Sheamus and Ryback.

– After winning an award at the UK National TV Awards this past week, the cast of Educating Yorkshire did a Daniel Bryan “Yes!” chant on stage.

– There was a lot of negative feedback coming from fans on their way out of the arena after last night’s Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh.

– As noted, Batista argued with fans on his way up the ramp after the Royal Rumble match last night and was seen flipping them off. There were some people backstage that were not happy about this.

Backstage News on Sheamus’ Return, Sexy New Aksana & Nikki, More

Source: PWInsider


  1. i believe the wwe needs to stop clinging to the past . the part i feel robbed about is the brock and big show match . that was bulls*** and a waste of a payper view slot

    • ya brock and show can out on a goos matchive seen itbjt thatmatch was just to support lesnar they were not trying to mKe it good.

      • I think it was a reaction to Big Show hurting his hand wrestling Kane saturday night. Apparently it came to this as Show needs his hand to do well, almost anything, most of us to. I was angry too. The rest of the PPV was inexcusable suck though

  2. I was really excited about Batista returning. However, winning the royal rumble was such an easy and predictable move. I was hoping WWE would surprise us and have someone else win because SURELY they wouldn’t let Batista win. But he did….very vanilla royal rumble.

  3. Imagine if Roman Reigns had eliminated Batista and won the Rumble, that would have been a great thing. The past meets the future. Instead the past beat the future.

  4. Using Daniel Bryan to put over Bray Wyatt was a joke too. Another guy who passes Bryan with half the ability.

  5. Lets see why would he get negative reaction………… wwe NEVER gives us fans who we want to see they just keep feeing us the same ole run around BULLS*** tinkn we wan see matches like Orton vs cena for the 117th time every PPV they bring in someone who was so negative toward wwe when he left and let him wi nthe rumble ???? vince how stupid are you?


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