Batista Makes Breakout Stars Movies List, Video of Flair Talking to 49ers


– WWE posted video of Ric Flair giving a pep talk to the San Francisco 49ers this weekend:

– Yahoo Movies has named Batista #10 on their list of 15 Breakout Stars to watch in 2014. They wrote:

“Don’t let his pre-Hollywood r?sum? full of professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, and bodybuilding fool you, Bautista is a gentle giant who was practically made to play the role of the vengence-seeking Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s next big thing, “The Guardians of the Galaxy.””

Batista responded via Twitter:

“Just dawned on me that everyone else on the list is 50 years younger than me. Just proof that its never to late to sack up and chase dreams.”

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