Batista Mocks “Yes!” Chants, Gives Fans the Middle Finger After Rumble

– Batista tweeted a positive reaction after last night’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view but fans in attendance noted that he was legitimately upset after he won the main event and the crowd hijacked everything.

Batista was seen flipping fans off and having words with them on his way up the ramp when the show went off the air. Batista was shown on the big screen threatening a fan and flipping him off. Batista then mocked the “yes!” chant at the top of the ramp while fans continued to boo. Batista used his middle fingers to point instead of his index finger like Daniel Bryan does and flipped everyone off one last time.

Below is a photo of the altercation with the fan on the ramp:

Batista middle finger

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  • Jason Campolo

    fire the ass hole

    • Sean

      wouldn’t you be pissed off if a bunch of fans you are attempting to entertain boo you out the building because they would rather see an OVERATED “WRESTLER” win and show you no respect

      • Jason Campolo

        no cause he shouldn’t of won he comes back after 4 years and gets a title shot right away when guys r there fighting everyday and getting held back he was always an ass hole all he cares about is money thats all

        • Sean

          right so Batista who I don’t loyally support has no right to be angry with “fans” who boo him out the building and show no respect for him what so ever

          • Jason Campolo

            no fans have a right to boo and cheer who they want if batista can;t take it he has no busisness there

          • Zach

            He shouldn’t show his anger, that was my unprofessional point. Also “The fans pay to be there and they also have the right to react anyway they want to as well.” means that “fans have a right to boo and cheer who they want.” I know, I am still an asshole. You were talking to Sean, now I am a dumb asshole. I just looked at the times of the replies.

          • Sean

            Fans undeniably get to boo and cheer who they want no denying but lets be honest the fans were not booing Batista because they don’t like him they didn’t boo john cena and randy ortons match because it was terrible (infact probably best match of the night) they booed because they believe that one man should be in every main event and win everything because he is apparently the best in WWE when really he’s like every baby face except he kicks more than wrestles and couldn’t cut a promo to save himself but sorry he’s a “real wrestler” is that a way of saying he is dean Malenko but with a beard which is also another way of saying he’s

          • Jason Campolo

            and u r saying batista is entertaining ? please batista is the most boring wrestler there is

          • Melissa Littlefield

            I was a Batista fan b4 he left. I admit to watching the one’s that are visually appealing…i am a woman. I’m a big Randy fan, and I wish he’d shave already, but I know it adds 2 his character. Everyone has there opinions and I know you guys like Grizzly Adams Jr. I’m not drinking the same kool aid that all you do. SO TIRED of CENA. Just wish that Batista would focus his “anger” on CENA.

          • Jason Campolo

            cena would kill batista and i am not a cena fan but he is there everyday and i got respect for what he does outside wwe with make a wish batista should grow up or get out of the busisness he always was a d***

          • Jack Danielson

            Absolutely. Not the biggest fan of Cena, but he is SO MUCH BETTER than Batista.

          • captainbuck

            my little neighbor wondered why he wasn’t dressed up like in the martial arts movie in gold fighting Goldust, that was awesome! He has no idea who the f batista is, wasn’t sentient then, lol

          • Zuckerton

            You’re delusional and severely misguided.

            Cena/Orton the best match of the night? Did you watch the same match I watched? Every damn spot was predictable. Before the match came on, I turned to my girlfriend and said:

            “I guarantee there will at least 2 false finishes, stolen finshers, a knocked out ref, a tapout or pin while the ref is knocked out, a weapon attack while the ref is knocked out, a kick out after the weapon attack and Cena will lose because of outside interference.

            That was the whole match, I don’t call that entertaining, I call that overused and boring.

          • Sean

            Oh and a Daniel Bryan match is better ? I wonder what that will consist of. I said to my brother that Daniel Bryan was going to kick Wyatt a few times get beat up do his five kicks of doom and then do one of his finishers which Wyatt will break out of and the ending I didn’t know. You honestly believe that the Orton and cena match was worst than the karate kid versus the best thing in WWE who was stuck with an over rated superstar at the most

          • Jack Danielson

            Wow, you suck worse than Batista. Orton vs Cena was a boring match up until they started pulling off each others finishers at the end. And even that was mildly interesting. What was so exciting, hard-hitting, dramatic, technically excellent, or downright entertaining about Cena vs Orton #239354343? Here’s the answer: NOTHING, DIPS***. BTW, why did Cena start the match locking up with Orton like it was a traditional wrestling match? If someone beat the s*** outta your dad, wouldn’t you want to beat the f***ing hell outta that person? So, where was the intensity? Where was the violence? where was Cena beating the holy f*** outta Orton? I saw more brutality in BRYAN DANIEL VS BRAY WYATT than in Cena vs Orton. So tell me you piece of rotten roadkill, how the f*** can you say Orton vs Cena was the best match of the night?

            You’re a stupid f***. You are actually f***ing retarded. To completely ignore one man’s talents and his ability to get the fans involved and passionate and invested in the product just shows how disgustingly biased you are against Daniel Bryan. I find the Dean Malenko of this generation to be entertaining. F***ING ARENAS FILLED WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FIND HIM ENTERTAINING. So please, go suck Batista’s c*** in private. Go oil up Randy’s c*** with your mouth away from forums. Go piss off you f***ing douchetard. And BTW, BATISTA IS NOT ENTERTAINING.

          • Zach

            He can be as angry as he wants but unless that what his character is supposed to do, it is very unprofessional. I don’t know, is he a heel? Face? Oh yeah, I am not supposed to used those terms any longer. The fans pay to be there and they also have the right to react anyway they want to as well.

            On a side note, Jason, it is “asshole” not “ass hole.” In case you didn’t know. And yes I am aware I am one as well.

        • chris swereda

          totally agree the other guys must really hate the fact that he is back only a week and wins complete and utter bulls***

      • Jack Danielson

        Batista is the most OVERRATED SPORTS ENTERTAINER in the WWE. The fans who were attendance had every right to show this monster s*** no respect.

        What the f*** does Roidtista do to entertain fans? He flexes his giant muscles until he gets all veiny? He can do a powerbomb? He dresses like Justin Bieber? What, tell me, what is so f***ing charismatic and entertaining about Boootista? The only f***ing thing that’s entertaining about this f***er is that he can’t control his temper and flips out when people act negatively toward him. Way to keep your cool, but then again I guess he’s an Animal so that s***’s appropriate.
        Batista sucks. He’s done s*** to deserve the Rumble win. That’s why they boo him outta the building, you stupid f***.

        • Sean

          So Batista is overrated because he doesn’t wrestle and just flexes muscles and cant do anything else besides be angry. Well that at least leaves him more credentials than Daniel Bryan at least

          • Jack Danielson

            NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

            F*** you.

  • Chris

    he didnt deserve the win.

    • Chris E Maust

      who f*** care lol

  • RJinAZ

    To predictable…he shouldn’t have won. Out of the last four, he’s the last person that should’ve won.

  • Jason Campolo

    if i was there and the hot head poor sports man gave me the finger he’d get hit in head with a beer bottle cause he is an ass hole and us fans have right to cheer or boo who we want if he can;t take it get out the busisness

  • Negatwit

    Didn’t this happen last time with The Rock and no one saw this one coming?

    • Goldberg

      Bring Back Goldberg to Kick Batista’s Ass

  • Booyah2014

    I’m beginning to think it all comes down to how much the WWE is paying some of these wrestlers. It’s kinda like the NFL. Owners want the players making the most money out there playing.

    Probably same issue for WWE…they only want their top paid players going for the title. Which is maybe why Daniel Bryan doesn’t get title shots…they probably pay him maybe 3/4 of a million dollars a year…while John Cena, Randy Orton, and now Batista are probably making upwards of 2 to 4 million dollars a year.

    If you have that kind of money in those wrestlers…you would have them going for the title in almost every PPV. Fan favorites aren’t going to get title shots.

  • TamosC

    It’s undeniable. His face is really really smooth..

  • Douglas Marinosci

    The royal rumble sucked! Once again I regret buying the ppv. Roman Reigns stole the show but the show down between him and Batista was lackluster.

  • DW

    Turn Batista heel, get him to attack Bryan out of anger at the yes chants, have Bryan either win the title at Elimination Chamber or a Chamber match for a shot at the title at WM30 leaving it either Batista and Bryan one on one or a triple threat with Orton in the mix either as champ or cashing in his rematch. Easy fix to appease the fans who are hijacking everything because Bryan isn’t getting a look in and also gives the crowd something legit to boo Batista about. WWE won’t see it like I do though!

    • eric

      Maybe WWE had this all planned out – obviously since its PG-era they cannot show Batista flipping off the fans after the rumble. So why not tell Batista to give them the bird after the show goes off the air because someone will pick it up and put it online just like today. Then Batista gets heat from after the rumble, online, and tonight on Raw. Bryan beats orton inside a 6 man chamber match at EC and has a non-title rematch with Orton on raw after EC. if Orton wins he gets a rematch at WM. But, Bryan wins and puts an end to their feud and their feud goes full circle with Bryan and his fans getting the last win and laugh.
      Batista officially turns heel at EC and joins HHH. WM30 is Bryan (c) vs Batista – wwewhc. Bryan wins and retains, holds onto the wwewhc for a total of 3 months, which is decent for a little guy and loses the title to Batista at Extreme Rules.
      For just one month, leading into WM evolution is reunited with HHH, Batista, Orton, and Flair. After WM the authority disbands and thus evolution is forced to disband also. flair goes away again, orton turns face again.

  • chris

    They were booing because wwe didn’t even let Bryan in the rumble, which is just an inexcusable blunder on their part. He is far and away their most popular star. Having Mysterio come out 30 was so uneventful. If I paid over $150 a ticket I would have bood as well. They wanna set up this feud with him and sheamus right? Have Bryan eliminate sheamus then sheamus comes back later to eliminate Bryan like Kane did to punk. Instead, they make him sit in the back while the fans chant yes. Its a complete joke. Stay classy Batista, the rumble was so predictable it was disgusting.

  • allan

    ibet its not evencause hatostais highly overrated i betitcause the crod hell evrryone knows batosta is a f***in d***.

  • allan

    what i hate is everyones like roaman reigns is the future he was so great. wwe is fake they jut trying to make himlook bigger then he really he is or ever wiol be i bet anything when standing on his own roman wont make it

  • Chad

    John Cena gets booed every single time he goes out into the ring. Fans chant “Cena sucks!” With the exception of a sign I saw towards the front of the crowd that said “Batista sucks”, no one chanted it. My point is, love Cena or hate him, he is a professional and has never reacted that way to fans not liking him.

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    They turned Batista and Rey heel and built up Wyatt and Reigns. They made Bryan, who is the hottest wrestler in the company, more of an underdog. I can’t be the only one that thinks this is EXACTLY what they’re trying to do.

  • Shayne Small

    Ladies and gentlemen, our main event babyface!

  • PUNKem733

    The funniest thing is he was blown up minutes into the RR. He was huffing and puffing, taking rest breaks whenever he could. This is the dude that is gonna headline a WM?! I never hope for an injury on someone, but I do know. Until after at least WM.

  • eric

    I say wwe had this heel turn planned with Batista winning because WWE knew fans would be pissed off by not having Bryan win it. I also think the reason WWE did not have bryan in the rumble was to pick with the fan’s emotions, toy with them. I say Bryan wins the wwe title at EC in a 6 way match. WWe turns batista fance and its Bryan (c) vs Batista @ wm for the wwewhc!
    Now if wwe did not have this planned, which is what I think – I believe they will be forced to turn Batista heel before WM and have him face either bryan or a face-turned Brock or cm punk.
    cm punk (cc) vs batista – wwewhc
    bryan (cc) vs batista – wwewhc
    brock (cc) vs batista – wwe’swhc