Batista on Fans Hijacking Shows, Says Bryan Deserves His Success


– As noted, Batista recently spoke with Mike Jones of DC 101 in Washington, DC. Batista commented on the WWE fans hijacking shows these days:

“It’s the whole show that they are missing out on. I love that they love Daniel Bryan, it’s great. He deserves all of his success, but at the same time, we can’t have 16 segments of Daniel Bryan. They would get bored really fast. He is a star on the show, he’s gonna be out there eventually. If you chant his name through every other match that’s going on, it’s just… they’re missing out.”

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  1. I would surmise that many of the fans in attendance are smart enough to chant a name and watch a wrestling match at the same time.

  2. Wrestling fans are not “Hijacking” the show, they are telling you what they like and want. Fans have been doing this forever!

  3. I agree. Fans today represent the world – selfish. You’re NOT part of the show, just relax and enjoy. Be the audience you’re SUPPOSED to be. If people really feel that much better about themselves cuz of antics like this – well, it’s just sad. I’ll always be thankful I started back when people like Koko B Ware got huge pops…just cuz we were happy to see them.

    • Fans aren’t part of the show? Are you retarded? Without the fans there IS NO SHOW!

      Fans have never “hijacked Raw”, they simply cheered for their favorite superstar and voiced their displeasure with the current direction of the show. There’s nothing wrong with letting the company know how you feel. If fans didn’t cheer for Daniel Bryan as hard as they have been, do you think he EVER would’ve been given the chance to Main Event Wrestlemania?

      Not even CM Punk got that honor and he was Champion for over a year.

  4. 3 hours of DB for the fans for a few weeks. Let the other wrestlers set in the back & earn a pay check. Why should the other wrestlers put up with this?


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