Batista Returning to MSD, Michael “PS” Hayes Appears at WWE Event

– Following Big Show’s win over Kane at last night’s WWE live event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, special referee Booker T invited out Michael “PS” Hayes for a segment. Hayes ended up doing a moonwalk while Show did a spinarooni. Here’s a photo of Hayes:

Hayes at MSG

– WWE announced at last night’s Madison Square Garden show that Batista will be appearing at the next event from the building on Saturday, March 8th.

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  • Seeing Dave Bautista Back In The WWE Will Be OK As Longs As He Sticks Around For 12 Months Or Less. I Hope He’s Not Coming Back Permaneantly. The Last Thing I Want To See Are “PPV ReRuns” Of Feuds We’ve Seen Multiple Times Already.

    • Zach

      He was never really that good of a pro wrestler to begin with. HHH is not that good at running the company but neither was Vince at times, awesome at other times. The business flourishes the most when guys are given a little freedom (not creative control) to their characters evolve organically, so they don’t seem SO scripted. Dave has zero mic skills, decent in-ring though. It is time to move forward instead of backwards.