Batista Says Playtime Is Over, Batista’s Most Epic Matches


– To hype his upcoming return, WWE has published a playlist of Batista’s most epic matches.

– Speaking of Batista, he tweeted the following warning last night:

“I can’t wait to get to the Cheesefest in Hoakietown and punch somebody right In the f’n face! Playtime’s over children.”

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  1. UPCOMING RETURN? Don’t you mean his coming OUT? PLEASE, Batista is a JOKE. WHY is WWE wasting time and money on this loser when they have such good talent busting their ass, waiting, and staying there clawing at a scratch to run with the ball. It’s a new era. BIG guys with 3 maybe 4 moves don’t cut it anymore. Listen to your crowds, listen to your viewers because WWE obviously is NOT.


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