Batista Taunts Fans Who Boo Him, LeBron Buys WWE Replicas, Hogan


– Hulk Hogan will be appearing at the Steiner Sports Store inside the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY on Saturday, March 8th from 2pm until 4pm.

– ESPN reported this week that Miami Heat star LeBron James bought WWE Title belts for all of his teammates. Below is a photo:

– Batista went on Twitter and ripped fans that continue to boo him:

“Amazing how people can turn their failures as human beings into hatred of people making the most of life. #losers F em!! #dreamchaser”

“And you really do t want to miss #smackdown this Friday 🙂 Peace to all my positive people! Only forward!”

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  1. He sounds like a loser saying that. That’s why The Rock will always be respected more than Batista’s sorry ass. The Rock doesn’t taunt the WWE Universe when people hate on him.

    • Actually the Rock is pretty funny when he’s lashing out at fans, one of the best times is when he was booed during the Hogan rivalry and he would just make stupid comments about anything, but was so freaking funny we actually wanted him to say something.

  2. I don’t know if this all a character heel turn but the way it’s being done, Batista is less of a heel you want to boo as just a human being you want to boo. He’s making things worse for himself because at Elimination Chamber, I didn’t want to boo him, i just wanted to turn over when he was on.

  3. Whether face or heel, Batista never seems to enjoy interacting with fans. I’m sure Monday night was the beginning of a double turn for XXX with Batista going heel for the long turn and Orton acting as the face at least until XXX, then going back to heel.

  4. What a trash pile that main event will be, I thought they WWE was clueless before, but this is just stupid. Not only giving the main event, which for the first time in 10 or so years is will only be one and not 2, but to a guy who just came back, who people pretty much hate and not even because he’s a bad wrestler or anything but simple because WE did not wanted him in that match, and just like that we have to suck it up and move on, HELL NO, 3 years ago Bryan was let go because of Vince’s own stupidity and we brought him back, and now one way or another if the main event doesn’t change at Mania, believe me Vince will see just how easy we can screw him instead of him just having his way all the time.


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