Batista Teases Return to Wrestling?, Updated List of Events for CM Punk

– Here is the updated list of events CM Punk is being advertised for:

* RAW on May 27th from Calgary, Alberta Canada
* RAW on June 3rd from Hartford, CT
* RAW on June 17th from Grand Rapids, MI
* RAW live events on July 4th and 5th from Japan
* RAW live event on July 6th from Taipei, Taiwan
* RAW live events in Australia from July 26th through the 30th

– Batista tweeted the following this weekend, possibly teasing a return to pro wrestling:

“Very rewarding long week. #IMissTheDaysWhen I could entertain you live and in person, but #TrustMe, you’re going to love what’s coming…”

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  • allan mccann

    That doesn’t sound like a return to wrestling. But either way he’s 44 I think he should stay retired and on top. Besides if he returns he will want the title and to never lose. And walk around the locker room putting down talent and thinking
    hes the best.

    • Joey Stafford

      You seem to think you know what is best for wrestling. Whether Dave returns to wrestling or not, don’t b**** about it. He’s an awesome person & can handle his own – regardless of age – has a lot to offer still & definitely a top contender. As far as him putting talent down, I don’t think so. Very well respected & would be able to re-write an ending within wrestling than the last one. Try doing what he has & see if you can match within ranks at that age, then get back to us with some better input. In all fairness, he is one of the best. My opinion, of course, that’s all & not trying to rattle your damn nerves. I’ll just leave it at that.

      • allan mccann

        Lol I don’t know what’s best for wrestling but I doubt they need him. You just sound like a mark…and look up batistas history ..cause you don’t know s***. Not only is an ass in the locker room he’s also has a horrible rep. And age and injury history makes a big difference, either way this is just dont have to be an ass. Hell even Wikipedia mentions where he was putting down talent and booker t fought him. The whole locker room gave booker praise.. And if you have ever seen Batista wrestle Finlay and you will see he’s a p**** in the ring.

        • Joey Stafford

          Am sorry I even bothered replying the first time around haha & you think I am a mark? I give credit to many wrestlers & know many differences actually along with history. Not like am blogging here – take some things you hear with a grain of salt (no matter where the information comes from) – of course, you will not always like what you are going to hear. Two extra cents. You are a funny kid, have a nice day!