Dave Bautista Announced for WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020


Just one year after he retired from in-ring competition, WWE has confirmed that the Animal, Dave Bautista will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

WWE has given us what we want, as Bautista will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Class of 2020 in Tampa, Florida during WWE WrestleMania 36 weekend.

The six-time World Champion told People.com (who broke the news first):

“Vince [McMahon] called me personally to ask me, I was just … I wasn’t surprised, but I was pretty happy. It’s a good feeling, it’s a really great feeling.”

The Animal continued, discussing what he is most nervous about:

“As soon as I hung up the phone, I was … and excuse my language, I was like, ‘S–t, I gotta give a speech.’ “

“And that is what I’ve been stressing about since. And I said that at WrestleMania last year: It’s the end of my in-ring journey, but it’s not the end of my journey with the WWE. I will always be connected with them, I’ll always be affiliated with them, I hope that I will always have a good relationship with them. So it doesn’t really feel like an ending for me, it feels like, kind of, I’m right in the mix. … All I can say is it feels good, it’s just satisfying. I feel like I accomplished something. I feel like it was all worth it.”

Earlier today it was confirmed that legendary faction, nWo will also be getting inducted during the same event, making this a very star-studded show already.

The event will take place on Thursday, April 2, and tickets will be available for fans to purchase this Friday.