Bayou Independent Wrestling Joins NWA – Details


The NWA has announced that Bayou Independent Wrestling has joined the coalition. The promotion is run by Josh Newell and will hold it’s first show under the promotion on May 24th, where NWA-BIW Southern Champion Steve Anthony will defend his title against Vordell Walker in an “I Quit” match.

NWA CEO Chris Ronquillo said in the announcement, “We are pleased to add a quality promoter like Josh Newell to the National Wrestling Alliance. NWA-BIW is a quality promotion and a great fit that rounds out our Louisiana coverage.”

Newell added, “I am very excited to join the NWA. I see promotions like NWA Houston, NWA Smoky Mountain and NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling, among others, all doing great things for the business across the board and that’s what BIW has always been about. We respect and appreciate the fans, so we always make sure we work hard for their appreciation. With those three very special letters added to our name we will now try to push the bar even higher than we have already set it for ourselves.”

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